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Contract Vehicles

Risk Intelligence

As government continues to operate in an ever-changing environment with increased expectations to do more with less, agencies have recognized that managing risk is even more critical. By taking a holistic approach to risk management, agencies can better respond and reduce risks in policies and programs, while ensuring improved service to citizens continue.

Experian’s comprehensive data and predictive analytics enables agencies to authenticate identities, monitor status change and mitigate risks by providing ongoing analysis of markets, portfolios, constituents and businesses.

Risk Analysis, Risk Mitigation and Benchmarking

Gain deeper insight and minimize program risks with advanced data and predictive analytics

Custom Business Intelligence — Continuous Monitoring and Predictive Modeling

Mitigate risks in transactions and business relationships while helping the government minimize fraud exposure and evaluate vendor liability

Contractor Responsibility Determination

Vet prospective contractors to ensure their legitimacy and fiscal responsibility to help reduce fraud, waste and abuse

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