B2B Screening Services

Select the access method that best meets your company's business needs

Tenant Background Check

Business-to-Business Services

While Experian's web-based screening services meets the needs of most small to medium-sized businesses, we also offer alternate points of access while maintaining the same security requirements, bureau updates and government regulations for FCRA compliance.

Alternate delivery methods for Experian Screening Services

The Experian Connect API

The Connect API provides easy access to embed credit functionality on your websites and mobile apps. Our consumer-empowered sharing services allow your business to create products and services for previously unaddressable marketplaces.

XML Web Services

Get a direct connection to Experian's data. Experian's NetConnect service uses XML, an open standard that allows your legacy systems and/or websites to seamlessly interface with Experian's data. This is an ideal solution for organizations with an in-house IT department.