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Audio: Securing Your Credit with Experian CreditLock

Like any valuable, your credit deserves protection when you’re not using it. Until now, you’ve been able to freeze or add a fraud alert when it comes to your Experian credit report, but now with your membership in Experian CreditWorks there’s another option available to you to help ensure that your Experian credit report – like your other sensitive and valuable belongings – isn’t available to someone who shouldn’t have access.

Experian CreditLock can give you on-demand access that lets you secure your report information on-the-go via our mobile app. With the touch of your finger, you can lock or unlock access to your Experian credit report for as long (or as short) as it’s needed to help your credit take you where you want to go. Learn how Experian CreditLock can help bring you greater control and easier access from Director of Product Management Michelle Felice-Steele, and how we hope it’ll help members just like you.

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