Credit Card Marketing

Design successful credit card marketing strategies that effectively balance risk to create immediate and long-term profitable customer relationships. Experian® offers a variety of customer acquisition products and services to help identify the right prospects for your business.

  • Develop targeted campaigns that provide higher response rates
  • Identify and create growth strategies for untapped or undeveloped portfolio segments

Experian's instant decisioning credit-screening tool

Experian's Prequalification is a powerful credit-screening tool that is consumer-initiated and consent-based. It allows you to prequalify consumers for credit in real time at the point of contact — whether it's online, during inbound/outbound calls, face-to-face or in a booth/kiosk setting.

Prequalification is initiated by consumers and provides them with a variety of credit options, but it eliminates the requirement that the company must make a firm offer of credit. With Prequalification, you can drive up return on investment by matching consumers with the right products at the right time.

Increase approval rates for credit card marketing campaigns

Currently, the process of acquiring accounts is hindered by applicants who are not credit-qualified for the products for which they apply. Prequalification enhances the lead-generation process by allowing you to match consumers with the products that meet their credit profile before they apply — increasing approval rates once the application is submitted. Best of all, the entire process with the consumer is completed within seconds.

Make better decisions throughout the Customer Life Cycle

Our Advanced Prequalification and Custom Prequalification products are delivered via Experian's Decisioning as a ServiceSM environment. Decisioning as a Service provides clients with flexible access to data, attributes, scores and decisioning to make better mission-critical decisions across the Customer Life Cycle. It also can be used to increase qualification, approval and take rates while reducing bad debt and lowering overall operational and manual review costs.

Experian's prequalification products can help you generate the most profitable leads or prequalify consumers for the best products and offers.

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