Customer Segmentation Analysis

As any experienced marketer knows, broad, untargeted campaigns usually deliver poor results. Your customers are not one homogenous mass of people. Getting the most out of your marketing spend requires a keen understanding of who your customers are.

To understand them and market to them better, they can and should be segmented based on a number of characteristics. Armed with this intelligence, you can create targeted campaigns that approach each segment differently, driving response and return on investment higher. But how do you identify these segments?

Through customer segmentation analysis.

Experian® helps clients tackle the challenge of customer segmentation through a variety of products and services that allow you to break down existing (and potential) clients into distinct groups, based on income, credit score, buying habits and a myriad other factors.

Understand Consumers' Needs, Attitudes and Behaviors

Developed in conjunction with First Manhattan Consulting Group, Financial Personalities® is a groundbreaking campaign-targeting system tailored to the needs of financial services marketers. Financial Personalities allows marketers to lift the performance of their campaigns by improving acquisition, cross-sell and utilization. It provides a suite of targeting tools, including:

  • Financial Personality scores, which can be used to target campaigns across a variety of channels, including direct mail, digital, phone, print and in-branch
  • Direct mail responder scores to improve targeting of your direct mail efforts

Identify Creditworthy Customers and Prospects

Using Experian's bureau scoring models, you can identify the best prospects for cross-sell promotions and other credit-based marketing offers. Because our scores are based on statistically derived, nonjudgmental analytical models, you can make objective and consistent customer evaluations, thus allowing you to:

  • Assess the likelihood of response to an offer
  • Mitigate losses associated with high-risk consumers
  • Forecast the probability of seriously delinquent payment behavior

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