Data Breach Notification and Consumer Protection

Is it possible to weather the storm of a data breach while maintaining brand integrity and customer loyalty? It is. You just need an experienced data breach resolution provider to help. Experian Data Breach Resolution has managed thousands of data breaches. We’ve handled high-profile incidents for many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, mid-size businesses, healthcare firms, universities and other organizations.

What is Experian Data Breach Resolution?

Our strategic solutions, such as data breach notification, escalation services and data breach protection, help companies recover from a data loss.

During a data breach, we protect you and your customers with the world-class security standards that have made Experian a recognized business and financial leader across the globe. Our data breach response services include:

  • Incident  Management – A dedicated account manager will provide the support you need to respond to and mitigate losses.
  • Notification – Our  full-service data breach notification includes letter templates, custom  messaging, printing, mailing and address verification.
  • Identity  Protection Solutions – We have multiple levels of data breach protection for you to provide your customers and/or employees; each level of protection  includes professional fraud  resolution.
  • Call Center  Support – A dedicated, toll-free number will help your customers and/or  employees reach our customer care team seven days a week.
  • Reporting – Regular reports on call center metrics, enrollments, identity theft cases and fraud resolution metrics, as well as access to industry research, keep you and your  stakeholders informed.
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As a law firm, where do you turn when your client calls and says “We think we’ve had a data breach. What do we do?”

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