Employee Background Check Services

Bad hiring decisions not only cost your company money, but also carry significant risk. Employees — particularly those in sensitive positions — can potentially expose your entire organization to legal and financial risk. Experian® helps companies mitigate this risk with Employment InsightSM, an employment background check service designed to verify candidate information and avoid bad employment decisions.

Improve your hiring decisions

Employment Insight helps you make better employment decisions by providing reliable and objective information on job applicants. This allows you to enhance and supplement the information you’ve gathered through the application and interview process. Employment Insight lets you:

  • Rapidly verify information submitted by job applicants
  • Identify conflicting or misleading information
  • Reveal credit information that may impact job performance

Confirm your applicants' identity

Identity verification is another critical component of the employment screening process and allows you to mitigate the risk of candidate misrepresentation. Employment Insight facilitates identity screening by providing:

  • Address information, including length of time at current address
  • Consumer identification, including Social Security number
  • Other names used, such as maiden names and aliases
  • Public record information
  • Employment and previous work history

Based on better, more accurate data

Employment Insight offers unparalleled data quality based on Experian’s national database of 220 million credit-active consumers. This ensures that you have access to the most current, comprehensive and accurate credit information available in the industry.

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