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  • Address Search - Debtor Address Search
  • Address Search is a quick and cost-effective debt recovery tool that can significantly help clients locate skip accounts. The data comes from the most up-to-date information available in Experian's File One database of more than 220 million credit-active consumers whose records are updated daily from thousands of financial institutions.

  • Address Update - Debtor Address Updating
  • Address Update helps clients keep in touch with their accounts by providing a simple and direct solution for the "no forwarding address" problem. This solution benefits both credit and non-credit granting industries that require accurate address information for billing, collections, account correspondence, shareholder dividends, and marketing solicitations.

  • Collection Report - Debtor Credit Summary Report
  • The Collection Report is a customized version of the credit report designed specifically for use in collections. The report is primarily used for skip tracing (locating the debtor) with a secondary emphasis on actual debt collection and prioritizing which accounts to pursue first.

  • Debt Portfolio Evaluator - Debt Portfolio Evaluation
  • Debt Portfolio Evaluator is driven by Experian's powerful Collection Advantage solution, which combines consumer credit data, credit-based scoring, and advanced analytics to provide a 360-degree view of consumers. This unique view provides debt buyers with a detailed analysis of the portfolio under consideration for bidding and the consumers within it.

  • Experian Public Records
  • Experian Public Records Experian Public Records receives data directly from more than 1,400 different government municipalities at the county, state and federal levels across the United States and aggregates it into an easily accessible format. Our national criminal coverage represents the largest electronically available criminal records source in the country.

  • PriorityScore for Collections - Collection Models
  • A suite of recovery scoring models that blends fresh credit data with critical account-level information to provide expected payment amount and the probability of payment.

    These models are industry specific with an emphasis on Healthcare, Bankcard and Telecom/Wireless/Utility. Scoring range is 100-900, where the higher the score, the more likely a client will be able to collect on an account.


Income Verification

  • Debt-to-Income Insight - Income Verification(Debt-to-Income Ratio)
  • Debt-to-Income InsightSM is a model designed to estimate a borrower's outstanding debt obligations as a percentage of their estimated income. The model leverages the predictive power of Income InsightSM, Experian's premier income estimation model, and market-leading Premier AttributesSM to provide an all-in-one assessment of a borrower's capacity to take on additional debt.

    Debt-to-Income Insight is meant to be a companion product to Income Insight. It is an "add on" service and may only be purchased along with Income Insight. Debt-to-Income Insight's approved uses are the same as Income Insight, and it cannot be used for adverse action.

  • Income Insight and Income Insight W2 - Income Verification(Income Estimation Models)
  • Income InsightSM and Income Insight W2SM are models designed to estimate a consumer's income. Income Insight provides a comprehensive measurement of total income offering a complete financial picture of a borrower for greater insight into their ability to meet their obligations.

    Income Insight W2 estimates the wage income of a consumer which is especially applicable for low to mid-range income levels where income is comprised mostly from wages. Both models were built using verified income data and are calculated using exclusively credit bureau attributes. In all cases, the models are not to be used as a basis of adverse action.