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We combine data and analytics into every step of the decision making process to provide you with the right software with consulting expertise for greater customer insight.

Our expertise and services help businesses spaning across a variety of industries including: banking, utilities, telecommunications, mortgage, leasing, insurance, automotive, retail finance, public sector, mail order, small business, unsecured lending, and beyond.

We're enabling businesses to detect, monitor and assess the risk of fraud at every stage of their customer relationship.

Let us help your business make smarter decisions, fueled by best-in-class data. Shall we get started?




Customer Management

Maximize share of wallet by gaining a full view of your customers' credit activity and behavior to market the right products at the right time to the right customers, while decreasing exposure with risky customers.




Customer Acquisition

Determine which consumers make profitable new customers and minimize risk while seizing new growth opportunities.




Fraud Management

Stop fraud before losses occur. Reduce credit risk through screening and identity resolution and be alerted to suspicious identity or device transactions that could indicate fraud or money laundering.




Risk Management

Be proactive in managing risk by aligning policy actions with risk management strategies to your portfolio while limiting your exposure to risk and protecting your reputation.





Reduce costs and increase efficiency, under expanded regulatory requirements, by developing more focused collection strategies by profitably segmenting, prioritizing and locating debtor accounts.




Regulatory Compliance

We help you address and comply with regulations and internal policies. Regulators continue to publish regulations to enhance consumer protection and address safety and soundness.




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