Leverage automated authentication capabilities to easily uncover fraudulent behavior and improve operational efficiencies

Enhance and improve:


Credit data access

Fraud alerts


Perform credit card verification and authorize purchases faster and with more confidence that the consumer placing the order is who they say they are

Access unique authentication technology to verify full credit card number details against a consumer’s identity via reported trade line activity. Verify transactions in a matter of seconds, not minutes, creating a frictionless experience for your valuable customers.

Tap into our credit database containing information on more than 220 million credit-active customers. Improve fraud alerts on closed accounts, lost or stolen credit cards, and victim statements. Execute multiple-access methods including real-time or batch processing, instant web-based processing, and XML delivery, which can all integrate with your internal platforms or consumer-facing websites.



Authenticate customer credit information in seconds to improve experience and drive more revenue.


Significantly reduce your customer charge-backs.


Protect your business and drive operational efficiency by minimizing fraudulent orders.


Quickly flag questionable orders for manual review and approval.


Verify against Experian’s File One credit data and authorize transactions with more confidence.


Reduce the burden on your IT department by leveraging flexible and transparent integration methods.

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