Portfolio Management Package

Improve collections efficiency and increase overall profitability.

Our comprehensive strategy management service objectively and accurately pinpoints risk associated with individual accounts and reveals trends hidden in your portfolio, empowering you to make faster, more effective decisions.  Through a combination of data, analytics and industry best practices, Portfolio Management Package will deliver substantial performance improvements across a range of industries including banks and credit unions, consumer finance, wireless and landline communications, energy and cable.  

  • A single platform helps to manage your portfolio across all phases of the customer life cycle
  • The hosted service processes daily files and returns recommended advanced decision strategies for each account
  • Automated decisioning capabilities for collection prioritization
  • Integrated industry-specific and custom behavioral scoring models
  • Robust champion-challenger testing capabilities
  • Industry best practices and expert strategy advice from our team of consultants
  • Comprehensive reporting for scorecard and strategy monitoring
  • Integration with Experian's Collection AdvantageSM for access to Experian's credit information including RecoveryScoreSM and VantageScore® credit attributes; and skip tracing information
Profitable and Efficient

Portfolio Management Package enables you to evaluate and manage collection priorities within their portfolios while reducing costs and improving customer service and profitability. Identify potential customers for extensions or for special handling required for regulatory compliance.

  • Lower collections costs by more accurately assessing risks for each account and minimizing efforts on lower-risk accounts
  • Reduce roll rates and losses by expediting identification of high-risk accounts so they can be prioritized for special attention
  • Increase the size of the portfolio being managed without additional staff
Take Precise Action
Portfolio Management Package is a proven solution that matches the right treatment to the right customer through performance monitoring and strategic risk management recommendations to cut-offs, policies and actions. 
  • Test different strategies via champion-challenger simulations and implement new strategies quickly.
  • Set strategies for up to 40 distinct portfolios. Experian will assist you in developing risk grades based on behavioral scores and amount past due grades for your account portfolio. Strategies are returned within 24 hours and a feedback file with strategy codes, scores and collections data and other relevant information needed for each account to take action.
  • Review monthly monitoring reports on an ongoing basis with an Experian consultant.
  • Screen customers for extensions using your company's policies.
Fast, Powerful, Flexible and Affordable

Easy to set up and modify, Portfolio Management Package requires only minimal involvement from your IT staff. The low entry cost and usage-based fee makes this a sophisticated, cost-efficient solution for any size organization. Experian will provide a cost versus benefit analysis of how Portfolio Management Package can impact your organization.

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Improve collections efficiency and increase overall profitability.


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