In the current economic environment, implementing a robust customer management system is critical to ensure that your organization meets key business objectives while building profitable long-term customer relationships. With the average cost of managing customers continuing to escalate and risk exposure remaining unstable, it is more important than ever to optimize your customer management strategies. 

Optimization is a fundamental tool that helps lenders increase profitability by identifying the best consumer level actions while identifying opportunities to strategically grow the portfolio to maximize profits and minimize risk exposure.  

Our flexible delivery options allow for easy integration into existing customer management processes will a low cost of ownership. Using optimization, organizations can expect to: 

  • Retain the most profitable customers and modify account terms of higher risk segments to ensure accounts meet long- term revenue goals
  • Grow profitable customer and prospect segments by designing cross-sell campaigns on individual preferences, propensities, channel value and business objectives.
  • Increase activation rates by determining appropriate product terms and rewards.
  • Increase profitability through optimized pricing, identifying the right account-level decisions and creating strategies that are more effective across your organization.
  • Improve customer retention by offering consumers products based on individual preference and/or lifestyle
Our solution

Marketswitch Optimization is an industry-leading software application that enables your organization to make optimized customer level decisions in real-time. By implementing a patented mathematical algorithm, you can ensure customer level decisions are made based on organizational priorities – today and in the future.

  • Lower attrition with profitable retention programs that target specific customer needs.
  • Build customer loyalty by improving cross-sell response and conversion rates with robust consumer specific offers.
  • Evaluate organizational interdependencies to identify the most effective customer-level strategies.
  • Test decision scenarios prior to execution with detailed analysis that accurately predicts outcomes.   
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Gain the Competitive Advantage

Create advanced account management strategies by leveraging Experian’s optimization technology. Experian optimization provides clear direction for complex decisions by identifying the most effective cross-sell campaigns and increasing customer retention thereby improving the overall performance of your portfolio. Experian optimization has a proven record of accomplishment with quantifiable improvements for account management decisions.

  • Increased profits by up to 20% on monthly cross-sell campaigns over business-as usual techniques
  • Implemented optimized credit line strategies to realize up to a 100% increase in profit over business- as-usual techniques
Take Precise Consumer-level Action

Experian’s optimization tools identify the best offer, price, credit line, and retention strategy for each unique customer. The user-friendly champion challenger simulation allows you to test different strategy options and quantify the impact of modifications – before implementation. 

  • Increase customer satisfaction and adoption by offering relevant cross-sell products
  • Incorporate customer contact and lifestyle preferences into decisions to improve brand allegiance and response rates.
Gain More Control and Insight

Optimization provides a mathematical process, which identify the optimal cross-sell and line management decisions based on an individual customer’s risk score and potential value, as well as your overall portfolio goals. Optimized strategies incorporate client-defined goals, data inputs, metrics, constraints, other requirements to ensure final strategies are aligned with performance objectives.

  • Experian’s proprietary mathematical algorithm provides a constraint-based approach to factor in real-world limitations and all possible decisions, which help organizations, identify the ideal solution given your distinctive goals and constraints. 
  • Optimization ensures your existing accounts comply with short and long-term business objectives so you can accurately assess future organizational impacts

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Optimization Across the Customer Lifecycle