Identity Element NetworkSM

What is Identity Element Network?

Identity Element NetworkSM is Experian’s risk-based, point-in-time fraud-detection tool designed to identify and prevent current account fraud and account takeover fraud. It establishes intricate identity linkages across Experian’s broad view of consumer actions to create scores and attributes that readily expose potentially fraudulent activity within existing portfolios.

Identity Element Network evaluates identities and associated identity elements via a vast identity transaction network, revealing account takeover identity theft and up-to-date fraud threats associated with inconsistent or high-risk use of numerous identity elements.

How can Identity Element Network help your business prevent current account fraud and account takeover fraud?

Identity Element Network can enable you to:

  • Reduce fraud loss — by helping you uncover high identity-fraud risk among recently booked and more established existing accounts
  • Operate more efficiently — Using Experian’s score and attributes, finite and high-cost operational resources can be pointed toward those accounts warranting additional authentication and monitoring
  • Enhance predictive performance — Integrate our intelligence with your existing internal fraud-detection models and strategies at any given process point with the help of hundreds of highly predictive Identity Element Network linkage-based attributes
  • Preserve positive customer experience — Scores and attributes help sharpen your focus on high-fraud-risk accounts; authenticate customers in a manner commensurate with associated risk, while allowing lower-risk customers to transact without disruption
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  • A full-featured service
  • Several features give Identity Element Network its powerful and unique fraud detection capabilities:

    • Identity Element Network score — This predictive identity fraud risk score assesses the likelihood that a customer's identity has been compromised based on the velocity of identity element linkage over a period of time.
    • Score factors — Up to four concise descriptions accompany each score to explain the factors most prominently impacting the result. This helps facilitate reviews and reduce investigation times.
    • Attributes — Predictive identity linkage attributes are available for companies that wish to build or enhance internal models or treatment strategy.
    • Availability — Identity Element Network is available via Precise ID score integration, in parallel to Precise ID, in real time or in batch, making it cost-effective and flexible.
    • Current and extensive point-in-time information — Precise ID for Customer Management scores and attributes incorporate transactional data derived from Identity Element Network's industry-rich real-time identity transaction network.
  • Rank-order your best and riskiest accounts
  • Based on propensity for identity fraud risk, Identity Element Network assigns a highly predictive score to each customer inquiry. As a result, you can quickly prioritize accounts for review and assign the appropriate management treatment. You also can extract from costly operational queues customers who may be less risky than internal processes indicate.

  • Experian’s transaction repository provides unparalleled coverage and predictive value
  • With more than 2 million records added daily, Experian’s Identity Element Network scores and attributes incorporate up-to-date transactional data across a broad range of industries:

    • Automotive
    • Banks
    • Collections
    • Credit cards
    • Education
    • Finance
    • Insurance
    • Health care
    • Personal services
    • Real estate
    • Retail
    • Utilities

    Our unique, proprietary data is built from the ground up within Experian, with no reliance on outside-party or institution contributions. Combined with our analytics expertise, this data enables us to provide you with a highly predictive and cost-effective score.

  • Three options, expert support
  • Identity Element Network is available in Standalone, in parallel to Experian's Precise ID, as well as integrated into the Precise ID Score.

Precise ID Identity Element Network Fraud Score and Attributes

Identity Element Network

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