Patient Engagement

The right data can transform patient and consumer experiences in healthcare

Healthcare consumers demand the convenience that comes from a streamlined approach to the financial and administrative activities they must perform to consume healthcare. To get there, providers need data-driven technology and insights. By partnering with Experian Health, we believe we can help providers simplify healthcare for all.

The empowered healthcare consumer

Consumers know their time is valuable and they demand convenience and personalized service. From comparison price shopping to pre-service paperwork and billing, today’s consumers expect their healthcare experience to be just as smooth as the engagements they have with other industries and businesses.

Experian leverages its expertise in data and analytics to develop solutions that simplify patient tasks like pre-registration and check-in procedures, and understanding the cost of care. Patients who can successfully navigate the cost of care from primary care appointments through subsequent diagnostic procedures and surgeries will not only become more engaged in their care, but also more likely to make on-time payments to health providers. 

HMT: Better patient experience hinges on improving financial journey

Frost & Sullivan White Paper on Patient Engagement: An Opportunity to Empower the Patient and Consumer 

Greg Caressi, Sr. Vice President, Transformational Health with Frost & Sullivan

Most patient portals in use today fail to incorporate patient-specific financial information from various payer organizations, which then prohibits providers from effectively pre-adjudicating claims to optimize collection of payments.

Using data-driven solutions, healthcare providers can assist in financial planning for patient payments.

In this white paper, learn best practice recommendations to create an individual engagement strategy that is beneficial to the person and the provider organization.


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