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Connect patients with secure, personalized self-service portals and mobile options to get price estimates, apply for charity care, set-up payment plans, combine payments to hospitals and physicians, and schedule appointments.

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Empower the Patient Financial Experience

Experian Health’s timely patient engagement tools allow healthcare organizations to tap into data-driven technology that revolutionizes how they engage with patients at all points throughout their care.

Patient self-service products anticipate how to best help each patient by creating a proactive, frictionless, and compassionate mobile-first experience that empowers people to activate payment plans, apply for financial assistance, estimate the cost of care, and review insurance benefits. 

Utilizing these tools can position your organization to increase patient engagement and benefit from being a forward-facing healthcare provider.

HMT: Better patient experience hinges on improving financial journey

Frost & Sullivan White Paper on Patient Engagement: An Opportunity to Empower the Patient and Consumer 

Greg Caressi, Sr. Vice President, Transformational Health with Frost & Sullivan

Most patient portals in use today fail to incorporate patient-specific financial information from various payer organizations, which then prohibits providers from effectively pre-adjudicating claims to optimize collection of payments.

Using data-driven solutions, healthcare providers can assist in financial planning for patient payments.

In this white paper, learn best practice recommendations to create an individual engagement strategy that is beneficial to the person and the provider organization.


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