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  • Eventually, almost every company may need to respond to a threat or actual data breach. There are steps to prepare and to get through an incident. This paper provides some helpful considerations to responding to a data breach and vendor relationship practices regarding data breach risk.

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  • Data Breach Readiness and Economic Impact
    Podcast Uploaded Date: Mar 8, 2013

    Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman of The Ponemon Institute and Experian Data Breach Vice President Michael Bruemmer, talk breach readiness and the cost effectiveness of being prepared for a data breach.

  • Fifth Annual HIMSS Security Survey
    Document Published Date: Dec 12, 2012
    This survey reports the opinions of information technology (IT) and security professionals from healthcare provider organizations across the U.S. regarding the tools and policies they have in place to secure electronic patient data.
  • This case study explains how PC Mall was able to manage risk across the Customer Life Cycle with quality data delivered through implementation of BusinessIQ, an offering from Experian Business Information Services.
  • This case study explains how LEAF, an equipment leasing and financial company for dealers, resellers, manufacturers and distributors, is able to stay competitive by refining its business strategies and focusing on development of more profitable account relationships with Experian business credit reports as well as membership in the Small Business Credit Share consortium.
  • This case study details how Interline Brands used automated decisioning tools and centralized their credit management platform online with Business Information Services to identify risky accounts more effectively and improve profitability.
  • This case study details the deployment of a Business Information Services tool that helped a large distributor of foodservice equipment and supplies with account management and continuing their double-digit sales growth.
  • Loan delinquency rates are one of the most important statistics to track in the automotive finance industry. If consumers are not repaying loans on time, it puts billions of dollars at risk. When high dollar volumes are at risk, it is a negative for everyone in the lending world, including consumers, automotive retailers and lenders themselves.
  • This annual study on medical identity theft is designed to determine how pervasive this crime is in the United States and how it has affected consumers.
  • The new 2012 Consumer Study on Data Breach Notification by the Ponemon Institute finds consumers are critical of the notification letters they receive.
  • Infographic: Unlock Data Breach Facts
    Document Published Date: Apr 25, 2012
    According to the Ponemon Institute, the norm is for organizations to experience not just one but a handful of breaches. These incidents weigh heavily on organizations long after they've occurred. The Unlock Data Breach Facts Infographic explores how.
  • Utilizing Experian's PINpoint Services product, a leading multistate natural gas utility company identified and linked duplicate customer records, resulting in the collection of $1.8 million in previously unpaid balances.
  • Bay Area Credit Service LLC conducted a three-month trial program that proved Experian delivers superior account management, programming capabilities and account scoring and high-quality data, resulting in dramatic performance improvements and enhanced profitability.
  • By implementing an auto prescreen campaign, Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union exceeded its return on investment goal by nearly 200 percent and increased its one-year campaign net profit by 60 percent.
  • Like many credit unions, SC Telco Credit Union faced many challenges when trying to increase their bottom line. Over the past year, their goal was to grow their loan portfolio by offering new and used auto loans to prospective and existing credit union members.
  • A look at 2010 Q4 Automotive Industry Performance.
  • State of the Automotive Finance Market A Look Back at 2010
    Document Published Date: Jun 29, 2011
    A comprehensive overview of the 2010 automotive finance market.
  • A look at how the Automotive Industry Performed in Q3 2010
  • Over $1 billion paid out in fraudulent benefit claims & social housing provision could be eradicated if simple fraud-prevention techniques were implemented more widely across the public sector.
  • The Changing Mortgage Landscape
    Document Published Date: May 25, 2011
    An in-depth analysis of the mortgage boom and bust as illustrated by consumer mortgage credit supply and demand.
  • Looks at behaviors & attitudes of certified shoppers, the impact a certified program has on vehicle sales, & how the automotive value chain can take advantage of the effect certified sales offers.

  • Data Breach Case Studies: From Incident to Resolution
    Document Published Date: Dec 1, 2010
    An investigative approach to data breaches. Learn important lessons learned from data breach case studies where some key tactics were applied.
  • 2010 Q1 Automotive Marketplace Insight Snapshot
    Document Published Date: Jul 30, 2010
    The Q1 quarterly trend analysis from Experian Automotive presents data from the first quarter, 2010 on new vehicle registrations, corporate loyalty and brand loyalty.
  • 2010 Q1 Automotive Credit Insight Snapshot
    Document Published Date: Jun 15, 2010
    Features market reporting data & analysis from Experian Automotive's AutoCount Risk Report, analyzing automotive lending markets based on a uniform measurement of credit quality that segments markets.
  • June 2010 Business Benchmark Report
    Document Published Date: Jun 1, 2010
    Very large businesses (those with more than 1,000 employees) have shown a 25.9 percent improvement in the average commercial risk score* category, going from 33.0 in January to 41.5 in June.
  • Utilizing Experian's Collection Triggers product, First Financial Asset Management collected $3.5 million- ? a return of $72 for every $1 spent on trigger data within two years. The company simultaneously improved its operational costs associated with the collection of these and similar customer accounts.
  • Enhance Your Decision-Making Capabilities
    Document Published Date: Jan 1, 2010
    A guide for improved business performance -- The purpose of this guide is to help you identify, prioritize and implement enhanced decision-making capabilities for improved business performance. It is organized in three sections: Identity, Prioritization, Implementation.