Request your Experian Marketing Data Report

You may request access to your individual and household information in Experian’s marketing database by downloading and submitting the Marketing Data Report Request Form. The information you provide on the form, along with the requested identification documents, will only be used to process your request and will be securely shredded upon verification.

Experian's Fair Information Values
You can be confident that the data compilation process at Experian not only complies with state and federal laws, but are also developed with careful consideration of both past and anticipated privacy legislation as well as public opinion. Experian's stringent values-based practices govern the acquisition, compilation and sale of our consumer data. Our legal and ethical standards embody systems and practices that ensure compliance with legal guidelines, careful screening of data sources, ongoing internal audits and appropriate consumer notice and choice.

Information Practices and Compliance
As a leader in the direct-marketing industry, Experian strives to achieve a balance between consumer privacy expectations and our clients' business needs to ensure that both benefit. To achieve this balance, Experian has developed its own information practices and compliance guidelines. Experian's guidelines are based on self-regulatory industry guidelines, laws and regulations, public policy and our own Fair Information Values.

As part of Experian's information practices and compliance guidelines, it is our policy to honor consumer opt-out requests by applying them to Experian databases and processes in accordance with applicable regulatory and self-regulatory guidelines. Experian obtains all commercially available Do Not Call files and makes every effort to suppress these records from our database.

If you would prefer that your information not be used by Experian’s clients in their marketing programs you may opt-out of Experian’s Marketing Database.

Request Form

To request your report, download the Experian Marketing Data Report Request Form and follow the instructions therein.