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Partner with Experian to Enhance Your Revenue and Increase Your Small Business Clients' Campaign Effectiveness

In today’s marketplace, small businesses must set themselves apart from their competition so they can gain the attention of their target audiences. Experian’s customizable mailing lists, market research reports, and online print, mailing and email services can help your clients target and engage more than 210 million consumers, 110 million households and 14 million active U.S. businesses — so they can attract the customers most likely to buy their products and services.  

When you establish an affiliate partnership with Experian, you can help your small-business clients establish a local presence and drive more business — with easy-to-use tools that let them create highly targeted and effective direct-marketing campaigns online, quickly and efficiently.

A Win-Win Partnership

Setting up a partnership with Experian is simple, with seamless integration into your Website’s existing design and operations. We’ll provide the marketing text and a link for your Website, and you’ll share in the revenue on every order that you refer to us. The partnership also will help to: 

  • Create an additional revenue stream for your business at no cost to you; you simply place a link on your site and promote our products and services to your small-business audience
  • Increase your Website’s value with your small-business clients by providing an avenue to serve their direct-marketing needs
  • Enhance your brand’s reputation by associating with Experian, a respected name in direct-marketing data and services

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