ConsumerView Healthcare

Healthcare organizations and marketers can leverage information about consumer’s lifestyles, interests and activities to help them distinguish relationships between various demographic and socioeconomic groups. This strengthens analyses, bolsters health risk assessments and makes consumer outreach initiatives more effective by identify those who are likely to be responsive to similar interventions, educational programs and communication initiatives (compliance, continuation of prescribed treatments, etc.) Individual characteristics such as age, marital status, education and occupation are provided along with other household insights including income, information about other members of the household, their dwelling type and length of residence among others. Furthermore, Mosaic USA lifestyle segmentation and a compact set of household expenditure propensities give healthcare marketers comprehensive visibility across a variety of dimensions.

Price: $95 per thousand records uploaded

Data elements included in this bundle:

  • Date of Birth/Combined Adult Age                           
  • Gender Code                                                
  • Marital Status                                             
  • Combined Homeowner                                         
  • Dwelling Type                                              
  • Length Of Residence                                        
  • Number Of Children (Maximum Of 8 Children Per Household)   
  • Number Of Adults In Household                              
  • Multi-Company Direct Mail Responder - Living Units Level   
  • Occupation Group                                           
  • Individual Education                                       
  • Political Affiliation                                      
  • Presence of Children 0-18                                  
  • Estimated Current Home Value                               
  • Year Built (Enhanced)                                      
  • Mosaic Household                                           
  • ChoiceScore Bundle                                         
  • ChoiceScore Prospect Segment                               
  • ChoiceScore Prospect Model Score                           
  • ChoiceScore Good versus Bad Score                          
  • Estimated Household Income Ranges
  • ConsumerView Profitability Score                           
  • Online Overall                                             
  • Retail Overall