ConsumerView Household Profile

Understand the foundational demographics of your individual consumers and their households with the Household Profile bundle. Begin to recognize the personality of various customer segments with knowledge of their most fundamental characteristics including their age, gender, marital status, presence of children, home ownership, length of residence, dwelling type, income, occupation, mail order responsiveness, along with geographic income contrasts and more, topped off with the Experian’s extremely deep Mosaic USA lifestyle segmentation.

Price: $67 per thousand records uploaded

Data elements included in this bundle:

  • Date of Birth/Combined Adult Age                           
  • Gender Code                                                
  • Marital Status                                             
  • Person Type                                                
  • Deceased Indicator                                         
  • Combined Homeowner                                         
  • Dwelling Type                                              
  • Length Of Residence                                        
  • Dwelling Units Size                                        
  • Number Of Adults In Household                              
  • Direct Mail Responder - Individual Level                   
  • Multi-Company Direct Mail Responder - Living Units Level   
  • Occupation - Detail                                        
  • Occupation Group                                           
  • Individual Education                                       
  • Presence of Children 0-18                                  
  • County Geographic Income Percentiles                       
  • Industry Mail Preference Indicator                         
  • Mosaic Household                                           
  • Estimated Household Income Ranges                                
  • Digital Dads                                               
  • Digital Moms