ConsumerView Media

Media organizations need to recognize what is behind consumers “eyeballs” in order to more effectively identify new advertising opportunities, extend their audience and grow consumption. Knowing consumers demographic makeup (age, income, homeownership and more), how they live their lives, their political affiliation and or even environmental consciousness, allows them to thin-slice consumer segments for more effective advertiser profiles, increased cross-sell opportunities and subscription extension. The powerful Mosaic USA lifestyle segmentation is also included, as is profitability score and consumer expenditure propensities in 25 categories.

Price: $103 per thousand records uploaded

Data elements included in this bundle:

  • Date of Birth/Combined Adult Age                           
  • Gender Code                                                
  • Marital Status                                             
  • Combined Homeowner                                         
  • Dwelling Type                                              
  • Length Of Residence                                        
  • Number Of Children (Maximum Of 8 Children Per Household)   
  • Number Of Adults In Household                              
  • Direct Mail Responder - Individual Level                   
  • Multi-Company Direct Mail Responder - Living Units Level   
  • Multi-Category Buyer                                       
  • Magazine Buyer Categories                                   
  • Occupation Group                                           
  • Individual Education                                       
  • Political Affiliation                                      
  • Presence of Children 0-18                                   
  • Direct Marketing Channel Receptivity                       
  • Estimated Current Home Value                               
  • Year Built (Enhanced)                                      
  • Mosaic Household                                            
  • Auto In the Market - New                                   
  • ENH EST HH INCOME RANGES V4                                
  • ConsumerView Profitability Score                           
  • GreenAware                                                  
  • Online Overall                                             
  • Retail Overall                                             
  • Household Consumer Expenditures Apparel