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Enrich your customer file by adding demographic and behavioral information to your customer file.  Select from hundreds of data elements to gain valuable insight into the characteristics of your customers.  As an added bonus, we'll give you a FREE Customer Profiler Report with your purchase.

Market Research Reports

When you’re seeking new customers, it’s important that you know where and how to find them so that you can make the best use of your marketing dollars. 

With our Market Profiler and Customer Profiler Reports, you can find out exactly who your customers are, and learn more about the markets where you operate your business. With three different reports available, it’s easier than ever to find information on your customers — including age, household income, length of residence and more — and then use that information to find additional loyal customers.

Market Profiler Report - Now only $5.99

Do you know what your market looks like? Get a quick view of the prospects who are right around your business so you can better appeal to their needs. Get accurate information that you can use to start or grow your business, including:

  • The areas with your desired customers
  • Key characteristics of your target market and their marketing communication preferences
  • Your estimated market size according to the number of households in your area
  • The best place to advertise 

Customer Profiler Reports - from $29.99

Having more insights about your customers improves communications, builds stronger relationships and helps grow your business. With our Customer Profiler Reports you’ll get a detailed analysis of the characteristics of your customers.  Armed with this information you will be able to:

  • Build a profile of your best customers
  • Target your communications based on their demographic and behavioral characteristics
  • Create marketing campaigns around unique customer segments
  • Reach prospects that share the common attributes of your most profitable customers

The basic report includes a breakdown of key demographic characteristics, marketing communication preferences and Mosaic lifestyle segments. Upgrade to the premium report to be able to compare your customer file to local and national averages as well as getting marketing tips to help you better communicate with your customers.  We’ll also recommend the best marketing strategies to help you build more effective marketing campaigns and reach more of the right customers

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