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Experian Automotive has a unique advantage over other automotive data providers. Our ability to integrate our multiple data sources from our credit, vehicle and marketing databases allows for a level of unmatched intelligence. Our clients can see trends and take action before the competition, giving them the actionable insights and a competitive advantage to make decisions that position them to win in a crowded marketplace.

We Can Help You

Identify New Market Opportunities

  • Get insights into purchase trends in your market
  • Identify potential risk
  • Find where new opportunities exist
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Find Your Best Prospects

  • Identify who are your most loyal customers
  • Find your most profitable prospects
  • Learn how to target and reach them
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Get the Latest Vehicle Data Trends

  • Identify vehicle loyalty and market  trends
  • Determine a vehicle's history for trade-in or retailing
  • Latest vehicles in operation registrations
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Safeguard Your Business

  • Obtain credit scores for new customers
  • Identify fraud and remain compliant with federal regulations
  • Maximize collections
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Data Tools Evolve to Give Dealers an Edge in a Tight Sales Market

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Providing Dealers More Choice

AutoCheck can help your dealership with our:

  • Exclusive auction announced frame damage
  • Buyback protection
  • Online integration with top shopping sites
  • Flexible packages for any size dealership
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Quarterly Automotive Trends

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Driver's Privacy Protection Act

Understanding Uses

Information on driver's privacy protection act (DPAA) and regulated uses.

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