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Are rent to own loans good for my credit?

Dear Readers, People often ask if rent-to-own loans help build a credit history. Unfortunately, the answer is no, because such loans are not currently reported to the credit reporting companies. What rent to own loans are With a rent-to-own home

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What is a Rewards Credit Card?

August 18, 2017

Rewards credit cards are hot: a recent Experian survey found 45% of Americans who plan to apply for new credit cards are doing so because they want rewards cards....

Don’t Let the Eclipse Leave You in the Dark About Financial Fraud

August 18, 2017

On Monday, August 21, North America will be treated to one of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights—a total solar eclipse. To see it safely, you need special glasses—and that fact...

Why Stanford Is Really College Football’s Top Team

August 11, 2017

Stadiums around the country will soon fill with coeds and alum joining forces to cheer on their favorite teams. Every game can be a nail biter and one loss...

Medical Debt and Your Credit Score: Here’s What You Need to Know

August 7, 2017

The ongoing political debate in Washington is causing a lot of uncertainty about health care. But Americans are about to get some relief from the potential harm medical costs...

3 Ways to Save on Back-to-School Shopping

August 2, 2017

Summer doesn’t officially end until September 21, but many kids around the country are wrapping up their last days of camp and pool time to head back to school....

More Americans Don’t Want to Be Homeowners: Here’s Why

August 1, 2017

If you’re house hunting, it can feel like the market is moving quickly and everyone is buying. An index of homes under contract, known as pending home sales, jumped...

Billions in student loan debts might be wiped out: Here’s the scoop

July 21, 2017

Many borrowers with student loan debt may have just received an unexpected gift. As reported by the New York Times, a paperwork snafu may potentially relieve thousands of people...

Survey Findings: How Do Consumers Feel About Credit Cards?

June 30, 2017

With an average of three credit cards each, Americans use their cards to provide a cushion for emergencies, cash-free convenience, and great rewards. However, while they recognize the value...

Audio: 4 Financial Readiness Tips for Veterans & Military Families

May 8, 2017

Taking control of your financial future can feel like an overwhelming endeavor, especially for many of our nation’s veterans and active duty service members. The unique demands of military...

Survey Findings: Are Consumers Making It Easier for Identity Thieves?

May 5, 2017

Identity theft is frustrating, confusing, and benefits from a lot of misconceptions according to new survey information we’ve captured. The results also point to the general lack of urgency...

5 Smart Tips to Get More Out of Your Budget Today

March 29, 2017

Whatever you might be saving for in the future — a car, a vacation or just a rainy day — getting the most out of your budget today will...

Surprising Reasons Why Some Pay More than Others for Auto Insurance

March 29, 2017

Imagine someone hands you a tablet. Displayed on the screen is an image of a parking lot filled with vehicles. Tap one car and up pops a tab with...

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