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Infographic: What are the Different Scoring Ranges?

Your FICO Score powered by Experian data can range from 300 to 850 and can influence what credit is available to you, how much interest you’ll pay and even things such as your utilities and mobile phone options.

Knowledge – about your credit, about the impact it has on your future, about the world in general – is powerful. If you’re on the lookout to be better versed about your credit, consulting your FICO® Score could be a great place to start. A FICO Score is a powerful measure of your creditworthiness as a lender might see it.

FICO Scores are used in 90% of credit decisions, so they’re a very good barometer of how your credit can look to potential lenders. Scoring ranges are just one of the tools lenders can use to link ranges of values with associated characteristics and metrics at-a-glance, allowing them to make more informed lending decisions quickly and fairly.


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