Custom Scoring Models

Make better, more insightful credit decisions and create greater value from customer relationships by more accurately predicting behavior.

From market analysis, customer acquisition and account management to collections/recovery and fraud strategies, Experian's analytics team can help you leverage your consumer and commercial customer data, along with bureau data, to build high performing, custom models that become the cornerstones of your credit decisions.

Increase the profitability of your portfolios
Identify your most creditworthy prospects and customers, highest performing accounts, most profitable recovery opportunities and potential fraudulent activity.

Make objective, consistent and efficient customer evaluations
Automate your decisioning process and improve turnaround time using non-judgmental, uniform variables driven by your own data.

Strengthen your portfolio management control
Simplify the evaluation of existing strategies so you can react quickly to changes in your portfolios, your business or the market.

Powerful Data Yields Powerful Scorecards

Built using your own application or account data
Gain greater predictive ability when decisions are rooted in historical actions of your client base.

Allow incorporation of tri-bureau data
Analyze all your bureau data, whether you've used one or more credit bureaus in your decisioning.

Utilize the industry's most robust and comprehensive set of over 1,000 credit attributes
Experian's Premier Attributes enhance custom scorecard implementation through ease of programming and simplified maintenance.

Sophisticated Analytics Ensure State-Of-The-Art Scorecards

Provide segmentation analysis
Receive the optimal number of models required for a more robust solution.

Select most relevant reject inferencing technique
Remove bias from declined applications.

Variable representation
Maximize scorecard power and system compatibility.

Open Consultative Approach Enriches Entire Project

Promote communication throughout custom scoring project
Secure the most predictive scorecards that comply with your business and technical requirements.

Offer design, development and implementation consulting
Receive strategy recommendations, cutoff options and extensive documentation.

Monitor and track ongoing scorecard performance
Identify areas to improve portfolio strength by changing scorecard cutoff strategies or policy rules.

Include comprehensive audit support
Determine that each scorecard variable is correctly programmed within your system.

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