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Are rent to own loans good for my credit?

Dear Readers, People often ask if rent-to-own loans help build a credit history. Unfortunately, the answer is no, because such loans are not currently reported to the credit reporting companies. What rent to own loans are With a rent-to-own home

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Audio: 4 Financial Readiness Tips for Veterans & Military Families

May 8, 2017

Taking control of your financial future can feel like an overwhelming endeavor, especially for many of our nation’s veterans and active duty service members. The unique demands of military...

Survey Findings: Are Consumers Making It Easier for Identity Thieves?

May 5, 2017

Identity theft is frustrating, confusing, and benefits from a lot of misconceptions according to new survey information we’ve captured. The results also point to the general lack of urgency...

5 Smart Tips to Get More Out of Your Budget Today

March 29, 2017

Whatever you might be saving for in the future — a car, a vacation or just a rainy day — getting the most out of your budget today will...

Surprising Reasons Why Some Pay More than Others for Auto Insurance

March 29, 2017

Imagine someone hands you a tablet. Displayed on the screen is an image of a parking lot filled with vehicles. Tap one car and up pops a tab with...

What Your Car Insurance Company Knows about You

March 28, 2017

When you start seeing someone special, you probably launch your own background check, combing deep into those social media sites in search of any deal-breaking details. You might look...

What Your Car Insurance Probably Covers

March 28, 2017

Before you get behind the wheel, what do you know about the insurance covering the vehicle you’re driving? Do you understand how it works and whether you’re protected? These...

5 Ways to Save on Homeowners Insurance

March 28, 2017

From fires to burglars, your home is susceptible to a wide range of dangers. Homeowners insurance is a package policy designed to cover damage costs that occur in these...

How to Shop for Homeowners Insurance

March 28, 2017

You know homeowners insurance offers smart financial protection, but what you aren’t sure of is how to shop for it. Like making any big purchase, deciding on a home...

Renter’s Insurance Offers Peace of Mind

March 28, 2017

If your rented home catches fire, your landlord’s property insurance will pay to repair the structure and replace appliances your landlord owns. However, it almost certainly won’t pay to...

Renter’s Insurance for College Students: 5 Myths That Are Totally Wrong

March 28, 2017

Property insurance might seem like it’s only for homeowners, but it’s not. Renter’s insurance, in fact, is a great idea, whether you live in a dorm, apartment or house....

Learn How Renter’s Insurance Can Help You Save Money

March 28, 2017

Renter’s insurance is usually pretty affordable, but it’s not nearly as popular as homeowner’s insurance. While 95 percent of homeowners have homeowners insurance, just 37 percent of renters have...

The Basics of Buying Health Insurance

March 28, 2017

Maintaining health insurance for you and your family helps everyone stay healthy and gives you peace of mind. After all, should you become sick or be injured, it’s a...

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