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Frequently asked questions

You could save money by having us negotiate your best rate. We’ll keep an eye out for new deals and savings opportunities and will negotiate directly with your provider on your behalf. Plus, it’s a free benefit with some premium memberships.

We can negotiate with many bill providers in the following categories: internet, cable, phone, home security and satellite radio. Estimate your savings or visit the help center for a full list of negotiable providers. Don’t see your provider listed? Send us a message.

Negotiations typically take 3–7 business days.

It depends. We always try to negotiate your best total savings, regardless of length. The most common savings duration is 12 months. If you agree to a new contract, savings could last up to 24 months. Or, we might negotiate a one-time credit on your next bill. If you enable AutoFix, we’ll also automatically renegotiate your bill when savings expire.

We can’t negotiate past due amounts, but we may still be able to negotiate a lower price on your bill for future billing periods. You’ll still need to pay your existing past due amount and some providers charge fees for late payments, so we recommend paying your overdue amount as soon as you can.

You could save time and money by having us cancel your unwanted subscriptions. Plus, it’s a free benefit with some premium memberships.

When you submit a cancellation request, we’ll ask for your account details. Then we’ll contact your provider to cancel your subscription. It usually takes about 3–7 business days for us to complete your cancellation. We’ll reach out to you when the cancellation is complete or if we have questions along the way. We’ll also let you know if your provider offers you a better deal to stick around.

If you can’t find your subscription in your recurring payments, you can search for it manually from our full list of eligible subscriptions. If you can’t find it there, we might not be able to cancel that subscription yet. Visit the help center for more info on why your subscription isn’t showing up and what you can do about it.

We can cancel over 200+ subscriptions in categories like streaming services, meal kits, entertainment apps and more. Start a cancellation request to see our full list of eligible subscriptions.

There are 2 main reasons we can’t cancel a subscription: (1) You’re billed for your subscription through your mobile phone app store. We can’t cancel subscriptions that are billed by the Apple App Store or Google Play, but we can walk you through it—check out the help center for instructions. (2) Your subscription was already canceled. If you already canceled your subscription, there’s nothing left for us to do!

Depending on when we cancel your subscription, you may have already started a new billing cycle. This means you may need to pay one more time after we cancel for you, but you can keep using your service during that time. If you’re billed more than once after your cancellation is complete, contact us for help.

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